Metal - tin, aluminium, copper. Rusty, scaly and easy to cut your fingers on. The material and planes that have already served their time inspire by their texture and aesthetics of materiality to re-populate it again. There are different metal objects in the subjective landscapes. Nothing grows on the cold surface - metal enroots on the metal. During the drawing process, a new network of lines is created on the already existing one. An image appears. That is how tin landscapes appear.

Meteorite, Ø30cm
The Letter Drawer, 30x40cm
Teika, 55x80cm
Smoking, 35x45cm
Full Moon, 45x70cm
Beaver Tales Sunrise, 20x35cm
Parking Lot, 60x80cm
It Begins, 49x56cm
Abramov’s Sea Star, 60x94cm
Before the Thunderstorm, 80x170cm
Lasers, Ø44cm
Behind the Window, 45x71cm
Roof Quartet, 42x45cm
Offshore Voltage, 57x62cm
Flew, 17,5x22cm
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