The only phase when we can regard an object as free is when it no longer performs its basic function and is dumped. While working on the crystal grid, I have revealed the forgotten objects and renewed them for a new life. Although the original context for object’s functionality is lost, it continues its existence in a united system that even rust cannot destroy.

Afternoon, 80x125cm
Tension, 37x57cm
Space Shuttles, 76x85cm
Ventilation, Ø45cm
Eclipse, Ø47cm
Trinity, 54x54cm
Moon Rocket, 67x92cm
Flies on Upes Street, 24x68cm
Soot, 69x70cm
To the Clouds, 23x130cm
Lucy’s Antennas, 40x61cm
Frida’s  Rotating Star, 24x38cm
Submarine, 40x40cm
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