Texture and line are important to me, which complement and highlight each other. The portraits of things, which I paint in a hypertrophic magnification, are like fixed moments in the magnifying glass, where the background probably has an even more intense historical biography than the depicted object.

“Silencer”, 140x170, 2019
“Full Moon”, ø25, 2020
“In the Shop Window”, 100x150, 2020
“Bubbles”, ø25, 2020
“Cobbler’s sunday”, 78x115, 2020
“Before concert”, 80x120, 2020
“Tenderness ”, 40x96, 2020
“The Hole in the Carpet”, 30x62, 2020
“Waiting”, ø25, 2020
“Billiard at 9:30 PM”, Ø30cm, 2003
“Billiard at 9:30 PM”, 30x45, 2017
“Satellites”, 54x65cm, 2005
“At the Pet Shop”, Ø80cm, 2005
“Big Lebowski”, Ø100cm, 2003
“Second place”, 60x80, 2020
“Clarion”, Ø60cm, 2005
“In Bathroom”, 33x66cm, 2001/2003
“And You”, 97x130cm, 2002
“Behind the Window”, 85x130cm
“Dusty Air”, 150x170cm, 2003
“Moon Rocket”, 25x32cm, 2005
“KOĘ 74”, 92x100cm, 2003
“Ironhead”, 36x36cm, 2002
“Low Horizon”, 75x120cm, 2004
“Nature Lesson”, 92x93cm, 2004
“Counting of Snowflakes”, 60x80, 80x160cm, 2000
“Winter”, 30x40cm, 2002
“The Map”, 115x230cm, 2001
“The Hole in the Carpet”, 32,5x42cm, 2001
“Direction”, 60x80cm, 2007
“Flammable”, 80x92, 2004
“Above the Chimney”, Ø25cm
“Twins”, 36x43, 2003
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