Does the message reach the recipient exactly the same way the sender intended it? It is possible that some part of it is lost or changed during its way, if the satellites cannot transmit the signal accurately, but antennas cannot receive the transmission. The message sender and receiver can function, but there is no sense to do so.

Tar Rhombus, 9,5x17cm
Attraction, 28x37cm
Radio Waves, Ø23,5cm
Boomerang Nebula, 22x24cm
Landing, 58x68cm
Reflector, 29,5x40cm
Morning, 22,5x35cm
Ferrite Heart, 22x24cm
Magnet, 22x23cm
Shadow, 19,5x40cm
Balance, 12x12cm
Unbalance, 24x40cm
Up, Ø15cm
Radiation, 29x41cm
In the Sun of Mars, fragment
In the Sun of Mars, 72x131cm
UFO, Ø90cm
UFO, Ø90&33cm
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